Live lolicon cams

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Most are just security cams and stuff but some are kinda interesting.You can even control some of them and pan/zoom to look at different stuff.

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An electrical engineer, working with a group which holds lectures in German schools about the privacy dangers of the Internet, was approached by girls with a curious problem with their webcams – “Two girls told me that the indicator light on their webcams were always on.” Investigating the suspect computers, he soon discovered them to be infected with a trojan capable of controlling the computer’s webcam, apparently spread through using popular messaging software ICQ.The hacker was apparently able to email images back to himself at will.The attacks appeared to originate from the German town of Aachen.Police are currently investigating the case, saying that at least 150 girls were affected. big deal -_- but it’s funny ^0^ i like the guy who did it for not lacking courage and imagination.He also could have and probably did see everything these girls do every day on their own in their own room, including but not limited to dressing/undressing, self gratification, and possibly even underage sex. anyways, he’ll get caught sooner or later i wonder how come only those girls were infected.

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